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This page is deprecated.
HPC previously supported University-Affiliated Google Drive usage which provided free, unlimited storage to users. Free Google Drive storage is still temporarily available, however, it will be going away

in spring of

on March 1st, 2023. We have now transitioned to using AWS as a Tier 2 storage solution. We will support researchers with transferring their data off of Google Drive during this period. See Tier 2 Storage for information on the new rental storage option.

Transferring Data Between HPC and Google Drive

Information on how to transfer data between HPC and Google Drive is available from our Transferring Files section in our user guide. Options include Globus, rclone, Cyberduck, among others.

Google Drive Limits

An individual user's Drive is subject to a daily quota imposed by Google:

  1. Users may upload up to 750 GB to their accounts per day.
  2. The maximum size of an individual file is 5 TB.
  3. If a single file exceeds the 750 GB daily limit, the file will transfer successfully without interruption. Subsequent files will not transfer until the quota is reset.