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University of Arizona High Performance Computing

(lightbulb) Due to staff vacations, our response times for support may be longer than usual through mid-June. Thanks for your patience!(lightbulb)

About Us

UArizona HPC systems are funded through the Office of Research Discovery and Innovation (ORDI), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and University Information Technology Services (UITS).

All UArizona HPC systems are available to all UArizona researchers (faculty, staff, undergrad and grad students, postdocs and DCC's) at no cost. Each research group is provided 7,000 CPU-hours per month on ElGato, 70,000 CPU-hours per month on Ocelote (increased from 35,000 in November 2022), and an astonishing 100,000 CPU-hours per month on Puma (increased from 70,000 hours in April 2022).

Access to these systems is through a linux command line interface which may be unfamiliar to the new user.  This section has the basic knowledge that will introduce you to the resources and provides information on account registration, system access, how to run jobs, and how to request help.

User Guide Topics

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