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University of Arizona (UA) researchers have access to a variety of high performance computing and storage resources through both UA HPC and the NSF-funded CyVerse project ( moderate amount of compute time and storage is free.

We have heard the granting agencies:

  1. Do not generally want to finance infrastructure like computers, especially if they have a use beyond the specific grant.
  2. Would also like some evidence of a successful outcome if the grant is awarded.
  3. Would like a shorter time to results.

You might consider these scenarios:

Run proof-of-concept on the HPC clusters.  Compute time and storage are free on a moderate scale so no funding is needed to test and develop code, workflows and methodologies.

Run the funded compute on the HPC clusters.  Using our buy-in model, the compute part of the funding can complement the existing compute resources and reduce personnel costs.

CoLocate your cluster in the Computer Center.  Take advantage of the enterprise class facilities and support to save space and reduce administration and setup costs.

CyVerse data centers residing at UA are funded by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences, and provide life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure.

This document details the advantages of these scenarios and is designed to assist in the preparation of a grant application.  

There is a Word document and a PDF file.  There was also a requirement for a three page version of this document  so that is linked below.

Full Word Document

Abbreviated version:
3 Page Word Document

Grant Writing Course

The University offers other resources for grant applications such as the Certificate in Grant Writing course.

Professional Grant Development Workshop

These are held periodically.  This one in January 2018

Sponsored by: The Grant Training Center

This intensive two-day grant proposal workshop is geared towards those who wish to strengthen their grant writing skills, as well as beginners who wish to acquire and master the techniques of preparing and writing winning proposals to various funding agencies. The focus will be on how to effectively write proposals in times of keen competition and limited resources. 

Course and registration details

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