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University of Arizona (UA) researchers have access to a variety of high performance computing and storage resources through both UA HPC and the NSF-funded CyVerse project ( moderate amount of compute time and storage is free to any research faculty, also known as principal investigators (PIs).

You might consider these scenarios:

Run proof-of-concept on the HPC clusters.  Compute time and storage are free on a moderate scale so no funding is needed to test and develop code, workflows, and methodologies for grants.

Run the funded compute on the HPC clusters.  Using our buy-in model, the compute part of the funding can complement the existing compute resources and reduce personnel costs.

Co-locate your cluster in the Computer Center.  Take advantage of the enterprise class facilities and support to save space and reduce administration and setup costs. More information here.

CyVerse data centers residing at UA are funded by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences, and provide life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure.

XSEDE national cyberinfrastructure HPC and Cloud providers are available for free to any US-based researcher. Get started here. UA researchers can request startup allocations to test out their system(s) of choice. After the startup allocation, full allocations can be requested for millions of CPU-hours. Questions and support to apply for XSEDE resources can be sent to the XSEDE Support Desk or

The University of Arizona Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure Plan 2019-2020

The UA research computing and data science community has put together a report of all services, trainings, and support provided to researchers at the University of Arizona. This is meant to be an exhaustive guide of services available to researchers. Each section has a point of contact to find out more about the services mentioned in the section.

Data Management Plans

The UA Libraries host automated tools to design and execute data management plans for grants. More information here:

UA Grant Support

The University offers other resources for grant applications here:

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