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Acknowledging the University of Arizona High-Performance Computing Resources

The suggested format to acknowledge University of Arizona High-Performance Computing in a paper, poster, or presentation is:

This material is based upon High Performance Computing (HPC) resources supported by the University of Arizona TRIF, UITS, and Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII) and maintained by the UArizona Research Technologies department.

Acknowledging Contributions from a University of Arizona Research Technologies Staff Member or Consultant

If you wish to additionally acknowledge an individual who assisted you from University of Arizona High-Performance Computing, the suggested format is:

We thank [consultant's name(s)] for [his/her/their] assistance with [describe tasks accomplished], which was made possible through University of Arizona Research Technologies Collaborative Support program. 

Guidelines for PIs

PIs should notify our HPC consultants about posters or other publications (published, accepted, submitted, or in preparation) that benefited from the use of UA High Performance Computing, Statistical Consulting, and/or Data & Visualization Consulting. These will be listed in the Collection of Published Results: Results

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