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Who is Eligible for an HPC Account?

All UA Faculty, Staff, Students, and Affiliates are eligible for HPC accounts.

Email List Registration

All HPC account owners and sponsors are required to be members of the HPC-Announce email list and will automatically be added as members during the account creation process. This email list is used to send HPC system-related updates and notifications.

HPC Policies

  • All HPC accounts are for academic purposes only. Commercial activities are prohibited.
  • Password sharing and all other forms of account sharing are prohibited.
  • Account holders found to be circumventing the system policies and procedures will have their accounts locked or removed.

See our Policies Section for additional information.

Resource Allocations

Each PI receives a monthly allocation of computing hours which are shared by all members of their group. Once you log in to the HPC system with your new account: your home directory and local storage will be created for you and you will be granted access to your group’s shared time allocation. For more detailed information, see: Allocation and Limits.

Which Registration Process is Right for Me?

The process of getting registered for an HPC account varies depending on your affiliation with the University. Take a look at the list below to determine how you should register:

  1. If you are an Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Postdoc, Technician, or other Research Support Staff, register for a Sponsored HPC Account.
  2. If you are a Research Faculty Member or Principal Investigator (PI), register for a PI Account.
  3. If you are a University Affiliate, Associate, Volunteer, or Intern without an official record in the UAccess Employee or Student systems but provide work for the university, you will first need to register as a Designated Campus Colleague (DCC). Following successful registration, you will be granted a NetID+ that you may then use to sign up for a Sponsored HPC AccountThis can be a useful service for Postdocs who are moving to another institution or a collaborator, for example.

Sponsored HPC Account Instructions

How to Register for an HPC Account

Getting access to HPC requires two steps:

Step 1: Create an HPC Account

  1.  Browse to, log in using your NetID+

  2. That's it! You now have an HPC account and are in your user portal.

Step 2: Get your sponsor/PI/Faculty Member to Add You to Their HPC Group Account

Once you have an account, you will need a research sponsor to start using HPC. A research sponsor is a university member or affiliate with faculty status. This could be your advisor, professor, or lab's PI. You can be added to your research sponsor's group in one of two ways:

Tell your sponsor (PI or Faculty member) to add you to their HPC allocation group. Or you may send your sponsor/PI/Faculty member a request by visiting

On the right-hand side, enter your sponsor's email address and click send. Your sponsor will then receive an email to authorize your account. Once your request has been authorized, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the HPC systems. 

If you request access with a sponsor who has already approved you, it will not warn you and will send them another email notification.

Note that it may take up to 15 minutes to receive a confirmation email and for your account to be officially activated. 

If you do not receive an email verification after 15 minutes, you should contact your sponsor and confirm receipt and approval of the HPC account request. If your account has been approved but you have not received the verification, you should contact HPC Consulting at and provide your NetID+, your name, and the email address of your sponsor.

PI Account Instructions

How to Register for an HPC Account

  1. Start by visiting and log in using your NetID+.

  2. This will direct you to a portal where you will have access to all of your HPC resources and groups.

  3. Logging in for the first time will create a time allocation for you but will not create your research group until you either respond to a sponsor request or sponsor yourself.

  4. To sponsor yourself, visit and click the HPC User Portal link. 

  5. This will create your research group and redirect you back to your user portal where you will briefly receive a popup confirmation.

  6. You now have an active HPC Account and research group which is accessible under the Manage Time tab.

How to Register for an Instructional Group Within Your PI Account

PIs with existing HPC accounts may sponsor groups for instructional purposes on the HPC systems by submitting an outline of class needs to the HPC Consulting team at This will allow the HPC Consulting team to help outline teaching guidelines on the HPC and get the class account established properly.

HPC accounts for instructional purposes will be added by the Sponsor into a separate group created with the 'class group' designation.  Class group membership is to be sponsored for one semester.

Sponsoring HPC Accounts

Once you have a PI account, it is possible to sponsor HPC accounts through your Sponsor Portal or by responding to an email request. 

Once a user has a sponsored HPC account, any PI may add them to their group allocation. To add a user who already has an activated account, follow the instructions on Sponsoring an Active HPC Account.

Responding to HPC Sponsorship Email Requests

Sponsors will receive an email from the account system notifying them of the HPC Account request submitted by the user/NetID+. The email will include a URL that will open the HPC Sponsor interface and automatically approve the request. The user will also be added to the sponsor's default UA HPC group (usually this is the sponsor's NetID+).  PIs are not required to sign in to the HPC to complete any step of this process.

Sponsoring an Active HPC Account

Faculty/Sponsors can update and maintain their UA HPC groups and users using the HPC Sponsor website.  To approve and add a user:

  1. Login with NetID+ and password.

  2. Go to Manage Time and select the relevant group.

  3. Select Add New Member.

  4. Enter user's NetID+.

  5. The NetID+ will appear in the Group Members list, and the account will be active and ready for use.

Account Deletion

Manual Account Deletion

Deleting a Sponsored Account will result in the immediate loss of access to HPC and will remove you from all associated HPC groups and the HPC Announce listserv. You may request sponsorship at any time to regain access.

If you are a PI and delete your account, your group will continue to stay active and you will remain on the HPC Announce listserv. You may reactivate your account at any time.

Files associated with deleted accounts will continue to be stored until your affiliation with the university is terminated.

If you wish to delete your HPC account, you may do so at any time by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit your HPC Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Support tab and click the Close Your HPC Account link. 

  3. To complete the process, you must manually confirm your request.

Loss of University Affiliation

Accounts for individuals no longer affiliated with the University lose access to HPC resources on the day of termination according to the University of Arizona Records Database. Data may be retrievable if a student or employee is reinstated, or by the PI. Please contact for support in this case.

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