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AWS Tier 2 Storage

Official AWS FAQs are here:

 Q. Who can submit a Tier 2 storage request?
A PI must submit their group's storage request. The exception to this is if a group member has been designated xdisk/storage delegate. Delegates may submit a request on behalf of their PI by switching users in the user portal.
 Q. How long is the turnaround time to between submitting the storage request and obtaining an S3 account?
In most cases it will be in one business day.
 Q. Can I move my data directly from Google Drive to the new S3 account?
Yes. Using Globus you can move data from Google Drive to S3.
 Q. What is the pricing for S3?

You should check the Amazon site:
As of March 2022:

  • Frequent Access Tier, First 50 TB / Month $0.023 per GB
  • Frequent Access Tier, Next 450 TB / Month $0.022 per GB
  • Frequent Access Tier, Over 500 TB / Month $0.021 per GB
 Q. Can I move my data directly to Glacier if I know it is archival. That way I can skip the S3 expenses?
Not in the first release, but potentially as a future offering
 Q. Is the monthly billing based on average usage?
Yes. The capacity used is recorded daily and the billing is a monthly average.
 Q. What is a KFS number?
It is used for accounting purposes and used by your Department's finance specialist.
 Can I view my storage in each of S3, Glacier and Deep Glacier?
Yes, you can use the CLI (command line interface) for information about your usage
 Q. Can I limit the amount of data that goes into S3 so I can control the expense?
No, but you can track the usage and remove any data that should not be there.
 Q. What is the difference between Glacier and Deep Glacier?
Glacier is effectively large, slow disks and Deep Glacier is tape storage.
 Q. I use workflows to move data using google drive, and to share with others. Will AWS support something similar?
Amazon S3 will likely support what you do. Perhaps our consultants can help to rework your workflows.
 Q. Are there charges for data movement?
You will not be charged for data ingress, egress or other operations.
 Q. Can I have multiple S3 buckets associated with my account?
 Q. Can I ask for help?
Yes, for any question we use ServiceNow and can be reached with a support ticket.
 Q. Are there any limits on uploads, e.g. may transfer size / day?
 Q. What why am I receiving an email: "ALARM: "ua-rt-t2-netid capacity growth alarm" in US West (Oregon)"?
This alert is sent to notify you whenever your storage usage grows by 10% relative to the previous week. This ensures that you're aware of any unintended spikes and the potential resulting costs.

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